About Us

About us


Safety Seal Europe AB manufactures and delivers tyre service products all over Europe directly from our warehouse in Grästorp, 100km North East of Gothenburg.

The company was founded in 1979 in Växjö, Sweden under the name Atlantex and was the first company in the AB Agora group. The name was changed to Safety Seal Europe AB in 1997. Safety Seal Europe AB has from the beginning marketed the patented US Safety Seal tyre repair system throughout Europe.

In 2002, Safety Seal Europe AB took over the marketing of EASYBALANCE balancing powder from Niso Teknik AB on the Swedish market. This meant that the companies began to work more together. With many common distributors in Europe, a merger process began. Then in December 2004, Safety Seal Europe AB and the German company Safety Seal GmbH were bought by Niso Teknik AB.

After this, Safety Seal Europe AB has developed its operations and grown. Today Safety Seal supplies to many of the major players throughout Europe and even further afield.

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