Wiking Wax Tyre Mounting Paste for Car, Commercial and EM Tyres

Wiking Wax LV Soft 5 kg

Made in Sweden

Tested at the MPA (State Material Testing Institute) in Darmstadt, Germany with the result "very good lubricating effect". Wiking wax is ideal for use in the assembly of High Performance Tyres. Best glide for secure fixing to the rim flange without damaging the rim or tyre.

Contains no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly. Good corrosion protection. Not water-based, so it stays soft even in extreme winter conditions. This also means that Wiking Wax is in concentrated form - and much less is needed than conventional pastes to do the same job.. less mess! ...more environmentally friendly!

Available in the following variants:

Wiking Wax PV - for car tyres (3 kg or 5 kg tub)

Wiking Wax LV - for truck tyres (5 kg tub)

Wiking Wax LV Soft - for truck tyres (5 kg or 15 kg tub)

A soft and easy to apply fitting paste for truck and EM tyres.

Wiking Wax Spray

Mounting grease that you can spray onto car and commercial tyres.
  - Simplifies installation and removal
  - Does not damage aluminum, other metals or rubber
  - Suitable for all types of tyres
For mounting and dismounting of tyres, rubber tubes, shock absorbers. Dries quickly and prevents the tyre slipping on the rim.

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