Safety Seal Repair
Tyre Puncture Repair Plugs

Safety Seal Repair, Däckreparationsplugg

Safety Seal Tyre Puncture Repair Plugs

The Safety Seal Repair - tyre puncture repair plugs are unique in their self-vulcanising ability.

Safety Seal tyre puncture repair plugs are composed of 21 specially-made threads with extremely high flexibility. Each thread is impregnated with a self-vulcanising, air-sealing compound which is 300% of the thread's weight. The thread strands are twisted into a tyre repair plug which is available in three different lengths:

  • 10cm for car tyre repair,
  • 20cm for truck and construction equipment tyre repair
  • 40cm for large construction machinery tyre repair.

Tyre Puncture Repair Contents
11040: Carton with 60 x 10cm plugs for car tyres.
11070: Carton with 30 x 20cm plugs for trucks and construction machinery tyres.
11072: Carton with 5 x 40cm plugs for large construction machinery tyres.

..and for the repair of motorcycle / ATV / quad-bike tyres, there is also a thinner puncture repair plug 10cm long.

The design of Safety Seal tyre puncture repair plugs facilitates a perfect seal against the liner, with the flexibility to prevent abrasion from the steel belt in the tyre. The material's extreme flexibility means that it has a tensile strength of over 160kg.

Safety Seal Repair plugs repair tyres without solution and are not affected by temperature and weather. Safety Seal tyre puncture repair plugs form to the exact shape of the damaged area and even seal punctures that go through the tyre at an angle.

Since its launch in 1974 more than 1 billion repairs have been carried out worldwide. Safety Seal tyre repair plugs have also been successfully tested at TÜV in Germany (ECE R30 and ECE 75).

If you have any questions about Safety Seal tyre repair, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.