Safety Seal Consumables

Safety Seal Prep & Repair

Safety Seal Consumables

Product code 18113: Safety Seal Prep + Primer. For cleaning the inner liner before repair and the application of the Liquid Patch.

Product code 18124: Safety Seal The Liquid Patch. Self-vulcanising butyl rubber to seal repairs internally.

Product code 18103: Safety Seal Lube (lubricant) especially formulated for use together with the Safety Seal repair plug. It is not a rubber solution or an adhesive, but a polymeric lubricant to increase the quality of the seal.

Safety Seal 18103

Safety Seal Lube 18103

Product code 18150: Safety Seal Bead leak Sealer. Seals leakage between the bead and the rim.

Product code 18160: Safety Seal Seek a Leak. Leak detector for quick and effective leak tracing. Diluted with water 1/10.

Product code 50390: Safety Seal Tyre Mounting Lube. An effective and environment friendly assembly liquid which is mixed with water, ratio 1:3. Applied with a brush or spray can.

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