Tyre Puncture Sealant

Eco Friendly Tyre Sealant

Are you tired of getting punctures?

Are you tired of getting punctures? Safety Wheel 2 Tyre Sealant makes it a distant memory! Simply add a dose of Safety Wheel 2 inside the tyre and continue working without costly and time-consuming stoppages.

Safety Wheel 2 is a water-based liquid tyre sealant. It is applied to the tyre as a preventive measure against punctures. Safety Wheel 2 spreads itself in an even film around the tyre´s inner liner and therefore does not affect the tyre´s balance. If an object punctures the tyre, the damage is sealed immediately without loss of air pressure.

See it in action:
Safety Wheel Tyre Sealant Safety Wheel Tyre Sealant

Can seal punctures, including cuts up to 16 mm long, and can be easily washed from inside the tyre if reinforcements need to be applied. Safety Wheel 2 Tyre Sealant can be used to seal:

  • Punctures
  • Leaking O-rings
  • Leaking rims

Safety Wheel 2 Tyre Sealant is available in 1 litre bottles as well as 25 litre drums. A hand operated dosing pump is used with the 25 litre drum. This injects 250 ml per pump stroke, direct into the tyre through the valve. Calculate required dosage